Monday, July 16, 2018

Form Look Up

Form Look Up

Today, we Learn how to create Form Look Up
Step: 1
Create a Project and Add two forms.

Step :2
  • Add HCMWORKER table in SL_LookUp_Form Data Source.
  • Add Grid and Drag and Drop the two fields on the grid
Step :3
Set Personnel Number field Property : set as Auto Declaration to YES

Step :4
Now Compile the complete project then run the form.

Step :5
Now right click on Design node(not Designs) and set style property to LookUp.

Compile and Run again Form will look like the below image.

Step :6
Now override the init method of SL_Lookup_Form .

copy paste the below code.

Now Select SL_First_Form
Create a Method with name of CustomLookup and copy paste the below code.

Step: 8
  • Add StringEdit Control in the Design.
  • After adding the StringEdit Control override the lookup method.
  • Copy paste the below code.

Step :9
Compile project and run SL_First_Form

Please feel free to contact me if you are facing any issue during implementation of this blog.

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