Friday, July 13, 2018

How to find or create default Dimension from X++ in AX 2012

How to find or create default Dimension from X++ in AX 2012

Following is the code you can use to find or create dimension in AX 2012

static DimensionDefault generateDefaultDimension(container _attr, container _value, boolean _createIfNotFound = true)
        DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage valueSetStorage = new DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage();
        DimensionDefault result;
        int i;
        DimensionAttribute dimensionAttribute;
        DimensionAttributeValue dimensionAttributeValue;
        //_attr is dimension name in table DimensionAttribute
        container conAttr = _attr;
        container conValue = _value;
        str dimValue;

        for (i = 1; i <= conLen(conAttr); i++)
            dimensionAttribute = dimensionAttribute::findByName(conPeek(conAttr,i));

            if (dimensionAttribute.RecId == 0)

            dimValue = conPeek(conValue,i);

            if (dimValue != "")
                // _createIfNotFound is "true". A dimensionAttributeValue record will be created if not found.

                // Add the dimensionAttibuteValue to the default dimension
        result =;
        return result;

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