Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Task Recorder D365FO

Task Recorder D365FO

In D365FO Microsoft Introduce a really built in tool Task recording. its allow us to record the step even we can save the steps as documentation.

with simple following steps you can use Task recording as well.

As the following picture shows, the Task Recorder is found under Settings: in the ribbon:
Once in the Task Recorder, you have the options to create a new recording, play back a recording or edit an existing recording as the following picture show. 

Let us start by recording a new Task. 

Give the guide a descriptive name and press the Start button.
The task recorder is now in recording mode. You can stop the recording by clicking on the Stop button in the ribbon.
I would like to structure my Task Guide in sections, so I start my creating a sub-task:

In my demo i am performing some action and you can check in the screen shot Task recorder is recording every steps.

1st I closed a open page
2nd open Worker from payroll 



Step-3 Stop

There are two options available to save record.
Word documentation 
Save file in AXtr format.

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