Saturday, July 7, 2018

Offline Authentication Admin Email D365FO

Offline Authentication Admin Email D365FO Most of time my team members complain  me that they are getting two type of errors randomly.

  1. Authentication error while browse the table from Visual Studio.
  2. Exception occurred on the metadata service on client or server – error: forbidden. While setting report data source as query the above error occurred 

Point-1 reference screenshot

Point-2 reference screenshot

We can resolve above both types of error in just few steps.

Step-1 Check for the “OfflineAuthenticationAdminEmail”  key in file “DynamicsDevConfig” in AOSService -> PackagesLocalDirectory->Bin to be set to  the correct login email that you are using.

Step-2 In my case was mentioned. So i replace with the email i was using.

reference screenshot.

Step-3 Sign In to Visual Studio with your account.

Step-4 Close Visual studio.
Step-5 Restart IIS.
Step-6 Restart Batch 
Step-7 Open Visual Studio as Administrator
Step-8 Verify your issue again. in my case both issues resolved.

Please feel free to contact me if you are facing any issue to implement this blog.

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