Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Transfer Order Shipment Validation in Extension COC

Transfer Order Shipment Validation in Extension COC

Yesterday, I received the requirement to put some custom validation during transfer order shipment.

As everyone know that in D365FO over-layering is not allowed anymore. So i have to perform this task in extension.

In extension i have two way to perform this task.

Create the form extension and replace the shipment menu item with my custom menu item and after performing my successful custom validation call original menu items.

Create extension class of  InventTransferUpdShip and override the check method using COC pattern and perform our custom validation.

I decided to go with COC and following are the code snippet i have write 

final class SLD_InventTransferUpdShip_Extension

    boolean validate()
        boolean ok = next validate();

             ok=ok && this.validateTransferOrderShip(ok);
        return ok;

  public boolean validateTransferOrderShip(boolean flag)

        // write your validation here... 

     return flag;


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