Monday, July 16, 2018

Send Email in CC AX-2012

Send Email in CC AX-2012

Most of the developer have requirement in their project to send email in CC and in default Dynamics AX-2012 & D365FO this functionality is not available.

But there is the Standard class SysEmailDistributor which is responsible to send the complete AX emails.. we can achieve our goal and send email in CC as well..

Open the class and check the process method where you can find  object of SysMailerNet class.

 SysMailerNetAddressField tos,tocc;  // declare a variable <tocc>

 mailer = new SysMailerNet();  

 tocc=mailer.ccs();   // get the SysMailerNetAddressField  object using this method

tocc.add("");  //add email address on which you want to send email as CC.

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